Hi There!

I'm Jeremy. My mom says I'm the best photographer she knows and I do my best to never let her down. I like to make images that represent the multiple facets of my psyche. After spending a small fortune and countless hours discussing the subject with my therapist, we've decided those encompass a quirky sense of humor that shacks up with a very serious introspective side. Add to that the occasional foray into the exploration of the beauty of the female subject which is often infused with a lightly erotic dusting (if you're reading between the lines see: Freud). That's the right-brainyness. I once was an aerospace engineer. Once. Luckily what's left over from that is a technical application of exacting standards when it comes to the quality of images I strive to produce. Well I know physics too and that helps with my understanding of the mercurial qualities of light and the application of lighting techniques to exact just the right emotional quality in the images. I just said that so you'll think I'm smart. Really it means I'm very particular in how I approach lighting and the emotional qualities of my work.